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So with the tasso posts latley, I needed to try some.

With Crankybuzzard's help, I got it curing.

Deboned a butt and cut it into strips.


Spice mix.


In a bag till Sunday.


I have read it should be lean meat so this will be fatty tasso.

Might be interesting. I need to find a way to hang these also.

Not sure if anyone has bacon hangers around me.
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Count me in



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I'm in for sure!

I like the fatty tasso for beans and for pan frying. To hang, if you have some butchers twine, you can run it through the meat or tie a loop around the top of the strip.
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Adam instead of dowel rods use the sticks they sell for Smores 

Hope ya know what they are 


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Got them hanging in my mes. Drying phase.

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Looking good so far! Gonna be smelling great soon.
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Started the smoke.


It sure is smelling good.
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Should be tasty! What are you going to use it in first?
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Lookin good!

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That's going to be tasty. Good call on the string. I have used large paperclips bent into an S for small pieces. In spite of the fat, no big deal really, Butt has a nicer texture, when cooked, then the lean Loin, which gets kind of dry and mealy...JJ

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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Should be tasty! What are you going to use it in first?

 My vote is a western omelet! Eggs, tasso, bell pepper, green onion, cheddar........ ZOMG!  I may have to have some breakfast for lunch!


There is always the ever popular Tasso cream sauce, its good on anything.


How's bout some fresh cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower w/ some cheese sauce........


So many ways and so little time......



The fat thingie, its because in the olden days tasso like andouille was hung in the smoke house for storage. The fat can and does become rancid if not refrigerated. But today we keep all our foods in the reefer or freezer and that's no longer a problem.

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That looks great so far Adam, I need to try making some of this !
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IT of 130
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Not sure what to try first, Case.

I never even ate it before. Just seen people making it and said to myself, I need some of that.
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Looks great Adam! 


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This things must be in a stall.
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

This things must be in a stall.


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Finally done. I had to taste it. The spice and heat go very well together.

Not all heat like I thought it might be. Gonna be great to cook with. Imagine this in Dutches beans. Wow.

Sorry for the bad pics.



Gonna rest in the fridge then vac seal and freeze.
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Originally Posted by BDSkelly View Post


Lol. Look up.
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That does it. I need to do this...:points:

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