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I can't stop the voices

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Did this last Sunday and the voices from the beer fridge where the cheese is stored are getting louder.

Eat Me! No eat me first

No one can here you scream in space, but a vacum bag won't silence yhe cheese.

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I've got 10lbs in my downstairs mini (cheese) fridge. I can here the cheese calling my name from my easy chair. It's getting louder by the day... and ear plugs aint helpin...
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Best solution would be for you guys to keep all your cheese in my fridge. Yep. I see no other way to stop the voices... :devil:

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Just wait until you start letting it age for "years".

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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Just wait until you start letting it age for "years".

That would mean I had a stockpile so it wouldn't be as big as a problem. Like brewing beer, get 10 or so batches going and I is a lot easier to let things age when you have plenty to choose from. I ran out in may and this is my first batch since then.
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Have you seen Tom's most awesome Cheese and meat fridge....

It's worth a look!
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  Thanks, Case.  Allow me to help. 

Nice cheese Diver.  The voices remain even as you get as old as me and that's with the hearing aids out.




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JD that looks good nice color,I was able to get some smoked before running out so,the voices were silenced.LOL


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Nice supply of cheese,,, yep age stuff is goooooooooooodd


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Added 4 more 18 month and 2 2+ year white chedders, and a parm. Got Enough to make a few gift baskets for Christmas and get through the new year. Though will probably smoke more before then
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You guys are stirring my interest I can say I have never eaten smoked cheese but like I said your getting my interest up looks good and I'm sure taste even better.

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Just did 20 lbs yesterday of assorted cheese. Gonna be a tuff 6 weeks. Those damm voices are already starting..
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Yep I just picked up 8lbs yesterday,,, will try to get some more this next pay day


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I admit, I have succumbed to the Tillamook Pepper Jack voices… (loud, clear and never ending).


Just like the Ravens succumbed to the Seahawks, LOL!


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