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I just made the one from Sam's this weekend with a pork shoulder this time I dry brined it with salt for 24hrs and put beef broth and worster in the foil for the stall and I don't know which or if all of those things made it better but it was very good.
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Yes they will do special cuts if they have enough time in advance. Fareway mostly. H-V will but they are tougher to deal with.

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Fareway is my go to. Bought casings from them Friday, stuffed 40 lbs of brats and breakfast sausage yesterday. Good folks. We buy most of our meat there they know their stuff.
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just so everyone knows most Fairway and Hyvee stores will honer each others deals/coupons so if you usually go to one but the other has a sale take the add/coupon in with you and they should honer it. We have both in our town and have done this many of times. Hope that helps

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