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Greetings to my smoky meat loving friends!!

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I have been on the forum a few times and decided to join. So much good information, help and a lot of great people. I have a unique situation in that I am an American and I live in the Philippines, but work some in the United States. I have grown up on smoked salmon as my grand parents caught many and smoked a lot. They always used the same simple brine, so I was amazed when I found there was so many different ways, chips and brines one could use to change the flavors. I will be living permanently in the Philippines in about six months and want to continue my smoking after I stay. Making a smoker is the easy part.. figuring out what woods to use for chips is a little harder.. Thank you for all your wonderful information and help and for allowing me to join this great group!

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Welcome to SMF,


Good luck with your move and your search for wood chips!. Glad to have you on board!

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Welcome to the board! We have some members in Asia and Australia who can advise you on woods.


It seems a lot of the Asian  members have to build their own smokers, apparently it's just not a common thing there.

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​Welcome to SMF my wife is from the Philippines 


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