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Choice beef ribs

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I came upon these choice beef ribs while browsing through the meat department. It's been a little while since I've smoked beef ribs and thse just looked to good, plenty of meat on them and lots of marbleing throughout. Just a simple rubdown with olive oil, then seasoned with a little paprika, garlic, and coarse ground salt and pepper. I also have a mop sauce that I will use during the cook. Here is the before pic. More to follow.
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Looks good enough to eat! Nicely done. I love doing a slab of beef ribs because the rest of my family are not fans of smoked beef. Perfect size for me. Thumbs Up

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It's only my wife and I here so that will be just enough for us. I plan on foiling them at the 4 hour mark.
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Here is the finished product. 6-7 hours at 250, I decided not to wrap them and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
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Nice looking ribs! Looks like the meat is ready to fall off the bone-just the way I like them. Nice job! Thanks for posting, David.

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Really Rad Ribs!



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