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Canadian Bacon

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Just mixed up a gallon of Pop's brine for some Canadian Bacon.


1 gal water

8 tbs Kosher salt

2 tbs picklng spice

1 tbs garlic powder

1 tbs onion powder

1 cup white sugar

1 cup (packed) brown sugar

1 tbs cure #1


Mixture cooling right now.


When cool, will add cure #1 and poor over pork loins, cure for 14 days, then smoke in my Smoke Hollow.


Fridge right at 38 degrees F.


I have a question. I would like a fairly heavy coating of crushed black pepper on it when finished. Do you think a light brushing of maple syrup would be beneficial, or would it just make a mess? In the past, a lot of the pepper falls off.


Pics coming, promise.



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The syrup would definitely help the pepper stick, gonna be messy too! biggrin.gif

Now, you said the mixture was cooling, you didn't boil the mix with the cure in it did you? Nitrite loses its oomph at hi temp...
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Nope. No cure until it is cool. Do you know of anything less messy that would help the pepper stick? Thanks.

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Just checking about the cure, it's happened before.

Chill it in the frig un covered for a pellicle. That gives a slight sticky surface, might help some.
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Thanks CramkyBuzzard. In the past, the pepper sticks, but falls off very easily. was looking for something to keep more in place during slicing, cooking etc.​

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