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New guy in virginia

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Hello yall

Just thought I'd stop in and introduce myself. My name is Ian, I'm 29 and live in Richmond va. I'm not new to BBQ and smoking. My dad used to run a BBQ restaraunt. I have been lurking around checking out all the smoker builds and getting some ideas for my own. I am tired of borrowing my buddy's 325gal reverse flow smoker so I have decided to build my own.

I am gathering up parts for my project and have a 5x8 trailer and a 120gal vertical propane tank for my reverse flow build. I will start a build thread in the reverse flow section next for all kinds of advise, so I can get it right the first time. I can't wait to get started

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Welcome to SMF, Ian.


Looking forward to seeing your build and your smokes!

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Thank you duke, it looks like I did my first double post with my into thread lol
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I just noticed that :police2:

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I guess there is a lag on taptotalk, I apoligze mods please deleate one, have mercy on a noobie
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