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You are not going to make any friends here if you start insulting members.
Dry cure method is the same method regardless of quantity of meat used. If you measure that 1g of cure accurately, mixed it with 10g of salt, it will find its way in 400g of meat just as well as 10g of cure (+100g of salt) will find it's way in 4kg of meat.
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@Bentley I have been quietly following this thread (letting @DaveOmak and @atomicsmoke answer since they know what they are talking about) and I can't help but think that you are simply trying to stir up an argument for no reason. You did in fact say that you don't know how you could spread a small amount of cure on the meat. The other members provided factual and accurate responses to your question and you continued to argue with them. Please don't come on here and bash the other members because their answers were "generic". If you want a recipe go buy a cook book. Forums are for discussions.


(Rant over). 

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bamaddox, didn't mean to upset the old-boys club. "If you want a recipe go buy a cook book. Forums are for discussions" intelligent comment. Show me where they answered my question.  Just another generalized answer by you. Good one atomicsmoke I think. Bentely.

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

 Add the weighed amount of cure to the weighed amount of salt and sugar and equally distribute it over the meat..... rub it in.... put in a bag and chemistry will do the rest.... 


@Bentley here is where dave answered your question on how you effectively distribute it on the meat.


And on that note, I'm just going to go ahead an block you. I am on this forum because it is full of good people with good advice and not a bunch of complainers. Since you are falling in the complainer category I would rather just not have to see your comments anymore.


Hope you have fun being a keyboard expert and proving to the world how smart you are. 

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bmaddox sorry I offended you. Your expertise will be sorely missed. Bentleysorry.gif

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Keith - I think I have come to this thread a little late but unfortunately your original question appears to have been totally swamped by Bentleys strange outbursts. Dave and Atomic have given their usual excellent and accurate advice and you would be wise to listen to what they have said.

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Smokin Phil don't worry about offending me it can't happen no matter what's said.  It's very difficult to get a point across typing responses and asking questions its just the way it is.  I never truly intend to insult people's intelligence but sometimes more often than not it comes across that way. I'm working on that. There seems to be a small group of people here, I call them the good old boys, who think they can say what they please without question. Well I like to question these people and their assumptions, if that's insulting it's not meant to be.  If a member doesn't have an answer don't respond to my questions or comments. Look over what I've posted and you should understand what I mean. They are simple questions. There is no shame in not knowing something DON"T GENERALIZE. If I personally offended you I apologize; knowing me it will probably happen again.  All I can say is have thicker skin this is all about the pleasures of food not personalities.   Bentley

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Wade I'm sorry I missed your comment quite intelligent as usual you fit in here perfectly.  Sorry if I offend you well not really another great mind at work. Keep up the good work.

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