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pork ideas plz :)

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Looking to establish a good smoked product. What should my finished pork butt/ shoulders look like when done on the smoker. I like alot of red and black. Any1 got some pics of their success. Ive got a nice rub recipe down. Need to know when to mop for deep smoke much moisture Is too mu ch bad?
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Here is a picture of my finished product.  This is from my BGE which I use for small groups.  I change nothing whether I smoke on my competition smoker or my BGE.  This is an award winning butt rub and cook.  I have never seen too much mosture if you are smoking.  As far as mopping, I never mop my meat.  I rub, sit, smoke for 12-24 hours low and slow!  Then I sit back and enjoy my favorite beverage of the day!ENJOY!  CHEERS

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This isy last butt i cooked
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I have only done one so far but this is what it looked like and I thought it turned out great!



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Everyone slow us your butts!!!!
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here are a couple i did about 9 month or so ago. I used no rub i just put a heavy dose of salt on the outside a few hours before smoking and smoke to 165 degrees IT. then put some apple juuice and apple cider vinegar in a pan and put in oven at 325 and finish to 200 IT add favorite sauce to taste. tastes amazing!

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Dont know what every1 else does but i cook mines at 225-250 it usually comes out more juicy the hotter i go but low and slow for tenderness. I dont worry about my bark until the last very jours of cook. Usually it softens if u establishbit then wrap it.
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I cooked mine at about that temp. Foiled it at about 165-170* IT. Bark was pretty good. Might have been softer than if I hadn't but it wasn't soft. Like I said though, this was just my first.

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Chamber temp, 220, pulled at 203 IT allowed to relax 3 hours. No foil, no spritz, mob, or sauce, just smoke, rub & butt.

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Im loving these pics guys keep em going any have some secrets they would like to share
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Has anybof our fellow smokers had any exp in cutting a butt in half to cook faster. Have two cheeks instead of a butt
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If you are in the mood for some spinach... There's always this!

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