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New guy

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Hello fellow carnivores, I live in Colorado and just moved here from California. I thought this would be a good way to get some new ideas and ways to BBQ. I love to bbq, grill, smoker,and make jerky. It's killing me not to be able to bbq every day like I was use to. We are living in a condo tell are home gets finished. I had to leave my big 3 barrel 50 gallon smoker behind­čśá. I will be on the hunt for a new one and have a $1200 budget. I love stick burners and maybe would consider a pellet smoker. Maybe because I never used one. I was wounding if anyone has any suggestions for me.
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Welcome from SC. It's really good to have you on this great site. You should check out Craig Bell at Bell Fab in Tulsa OK. Craig is a great guy who makes a one off smoker to your exact needs and specifications. His material and workmanship are first class. He is very easy to work with and his pricing is very reasonable. Contact him at:
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Sounds good Joe Black. I'll have to do that. Thanks
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