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No heat no smoke.

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I am new to this but have char broil electric smoker and have had issues. Do you need to have themometer that is used to see temp of meat inside while cooking even if cooking by temp or time. Had issues of no heat or smoke when thermostat left outside smoker. I hope it is simple user error cause I love smoked meats.
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Which model are you using?

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Char-broil 14202004.
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I found this on one of the manuals;



- The heating element will not begin to heat up until you input the Temp and Time or Meat Probe and Temp settings. NOTE: You must choose to cook by either time or meat probe target temp. These functions will not work simultaneously.


  - If the meat probe is not connected to the smoker the meat probe function is disabled.


From what I can gather, if you choose not to use the meat probe, it must be unplugged from the unit and you need to set your Temp and cook time on your controls for the unit to turn on.

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The unit works fine when using the meat probe function??

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