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brine/cure question

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Brining/curing a 10lb. 9.2 oz Shank ham, locally pasture raised.

Made the brine:

1 gl water

1 cup Kosher Salt

1.25 oz Pink Salt

2 cups Packed Dark Brown Sugar


Upon filling the container, came up short on brine. Added ~ 18 oz water

So I've diluted the Salinity as well as the Sodium Nitrite. Should i be concerned. Should I increase the curing time.

As this brine will cure a 12 to 15 lb. ham I'm not to worried but wanted to run it by the pros here.


Thanks in advance

Here's to happy smoking!

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You should be fine with the addition of the extra water.
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Thanks Cranky

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No problem, let us know how it turns out.

What part of the Dallas area are you in?
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Wife and I moved to Bells 3-1/2 years ago. We were in Oak Point (close to Little Elm) for 12 years.

Right-sized out of the big house to a smaller place with a little more land, nice building to store the RV and no mortgage...YEAH!

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Cranky, I just noticed you're in Richardson. Hell, I graduated RHS in '74... small world!

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Very small world for sure.


There are quite a few of us within 100 miles of each other, me and another are pondering a SMF Texas gathering at some point this fall.

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I'd be up for that!!


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