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Marinating time

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Hey Everyone, I have done jerky a few times now in my 4 rack bradley smoker. I have been able to get the doneness to my liking however i haven't been to happy with the intensity of flavor. I generally marinate the beef over night for about 24 hours but I just would like more flavor in the jerky. Has anyone marinated there jerky for extended periods of time like for days? Also when you marinate do you vacuum seal or just use a ziploc? Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.

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I do mine for 36 hours in a ziplock bag in the fridge. I mix up and flip the bag a few times a day.


I think vacuum sealing would just make a mess of the machine.

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I ziplock mine and go for 36-48 hours. You can vac pack, but it can get ugly! Now, a vacuum bowl works well, and a tumbler is good too.

Tumbler is broken, vac bowls are at the farm, so mine is in the frig in a 1-gallon ziplock. I flip a couple of times a day and massage it around.
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IV, Ditto as to what DB and CB said .

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When I make jerky, I use a bottle of teriyaki and half a bottle of soy with black pepper or crushed red peppers. Not sure as to what kind of flavor you're after, but after 24 hours in a large covered bowl in the fridge, flavor is dramatic.
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