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Pork Shoulder

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So got bored while at work last week and decided to it was time to cook out again.  so off to the store we went and got a pork shoulder to smoke.

Decided to use a Pork shoulder as it was cheaper.  $14 for a 9.5 pounder.  


rub ingredients


rubbed and resting comfortably in fridge till big day (today)






Out to start grill setting on indirect heat at 8:30 

Grill set to 275 (fought wind all day so it fluctuated a little higher sometimes) using also a A-Maze-N


after 4 hours



5.5 hours in we hit 145 IT and foil time


8.25 hours in IT 204 Decide to pull and let rest till other guys get in who are bringing sides and dessert



Not much left after 6 guys munching on it and loving the flavor. needed a little more heat (spice) but that will change next go around.  


The next big project were doing a brisket.  :) 

had a lot of fun and enjoy the pics 


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Nice job on the smoke


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Thanks Richie


It was fun and tasty

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NESC, Looks like a good smoke !!!!

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Happy munchers = a successful smoke.  Thumbs Up

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Looks great! Thank you for sharing!
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Oh yes...points.gif
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I do love pulled pork and this looks great! Kudos.



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Nice job, it looks great. I've got a 16lb'r I'm doing tomorrow.

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Looks great, stopped at the store for other stuff today and butts were on sale 12lb, happy weekend for me.

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