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My Thanksgiving turkey last year

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Hi, I smoked my first turkey last year at Thanksgiving.   It came out really good.  The flavor was great.   I just used lump charcoal.  I should have thrown in a couple chunks of hickory.  I put butter under the skin, but that's about it.  Since then, I have smoked another one.  I brined it in buttermilk over night in the fridge.  I thought it made a difference as it was more tender.  I didn't take a photo of the second turkey. 

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Looks great 

Our Thanksgiving is done 

But I am thinking there is time for a turkey smoke before Christmas 



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Fanci, I'm planning to smoke my first turkey for Thanksgiving. I have fried them for years, but Jeff's newsletter had some great ideas including the buttermilk brine that you mentioned.
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Fanci That is a fine looking bird,I also see some tasty sides any chance of posting the recipes?

Congrats on your first Turkey smoke


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Well, I did the scalloped potatoes and the cornbread dressing.  I love to cook and make home made cornbread.  Sorry I don't have the recipes written down.  I think I used the recipes from ' all' 

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