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I have not seen Stubbs around here. I will keep my eyes peeled.


Is that the same Stubbs who makes the rubs and sauces?


The are licensed to use the name, but essentially yes. I believe that the Stubbs sauces and rubs are made by a company owned by the late Paul Prudhomme.

I can get them at Lowes or WalMart in the States, IDK if you have these stores in Alberta.

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Stubbs barbeque sauces had been owned by Whole World Foods (the company that CB Stubblefield founded) in Austin until this past June.  McCormick (the spice company) acquired the company at that time.  Stubbs charcoal briquettes and wood chips are distributed under license to use the name by Duraflame, who also makes Cowboy brand charcoal products.

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Thank you

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