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"Greek" Chicken Livers

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When I smoke a whole chicken, I usually do the giblets along side the bird.   I like to stuff whole birds with onion/apple/lemon/garlic chunks and that is what I put under the giblets.  Since I was going to have the smoker going for other things today, my wife requested smoked chicken livers for dinner!  First time doing a whole pan so this should be interesting.  I didn't have any lemon today so just went with the onion/apple chunks.  The key ingredient is Cavender's Greek Seasoning - a liberal coating on top.


Here they are just prior to putting into the MES30 at 260 deg.  Pitmaster's Blend pellets in the AMNPS.  I'll give them about 2 hours and see where they are.  (The pan is a glass baking dish with foil on the bottom to aid in cleanup.)

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DG, sounds good  and looks good !

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Pulled the livers at just over two hours.  Checked in the middle and the "juice" was still a bit bloody.  Since there were carrots in the oven roasting, I put the pan in there for about 8 minutes.  That finished them off nicely!  The apples/onions weren't very tasty but the livers were FANTASTIC!!!  Served them over rice with the roasted carrots and that made a terrific meal!


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