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ring bologna

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So I decided to make some more ring bologna (10lbs) from Curleys. This time I used 1/4 cup of jalapeño juice with 1/2 cup of jalapeños and also added 1lb of regular cheddar cheese that I cut up in 1/4in squares then put it in the freezer for about 1/2hr to help firm up the cheese before mixing and stuffing. I just pulled them out of the smoker so I haven't tried it yet. I'm trying to download a picture of the color, some turned out nice and red and others didn't get any color at all. The IT was 157. I was using a mes30 if that matters. What would cause the color issue? And why won't my phone download pictures anymore? I'm getting irratated lol
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The ones with no color didnt get any smoke!  Either u have a dead spot in ur smoker or they were touching each other!

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Same casings for all links? Looks to me like the casing didn't accept smoke.
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Yes, it's all the same casings. The taste is good but I just don't care for the color. I used the chip try so maybe it didn't get hot enough to produce enough smoke? I need to get the amazntube.
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Sounds lik a great recipe,,,Dang it that it didn't turn out for ya


Designated therm besides the MES,,,My mes is way off and I do not trust it,,Ihave a Therma pen and a Maverick 732 



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MB,No smoke or no cure ??

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I mixed the cure in with the water and seasoning, the cure comes with it. I used hickory chips for the smoke.
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I think my MES thermomtor isn't working, you can see all the liquid in the casing, alot of cheese melted that was around the outside, i also used 1 cup of nfdm per 5lbs. Still tastes great though.
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