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I remember pork butts went up a lot in price last May/June?

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last week i bought a "corned beef" brisket flat i know isn't a regular brisket but it was like $1.90 lb so i figure for that price we can pastrami sammies at my house. 


Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)

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My wife told me yesterday she had a beef stew craving.  Went to the store (Winco) to pick up what I needed.  I usually use chuck roast for beef stew.  It was $4.58/lb, choice grade.  A choice grade brisket point was $3.38/lb (trimmed), the flat $3.58/lb (trimmed), and the whole packer $3.19/lb (untrimmed). I only needed about 6 lbs of meat so got the point and the flat.  Fantastic friggin' beef stew!  Brisket was melt in your mouth tender after simmering for a couple hours.       

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Picked these up at Costco yesterday. $2.79 a lb for Prime.

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Kroger has untrimmed for 2.19/lb.  I bought 2 even though I have 2 in my freezer.  Smoked them both!

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Its crazy to me how much fluctuation there are in prices....I go to a local higher end super market, $9.99/lb for choice angus brisket flat, I call a local butcher $10.99/lb for choice brisket, I goto restaurant depot $2.89/lb for choice brisket & $3.??/lb for black angus. Then I look at the above post and you can find prime briskets for less then choice....


Does any one else deal with this in their area?

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Man, you would hate to pay the prices they charge up here in Ontario, Canada! You don't find packer briskets in the grocery stores at all. You don't even find them at Costco around here.

You would have to go to a Butcher shop....and if they had one or would be paying around $9.99 per pound. I find they require so much trimming that I end up throwing about $40 bucks or more worth of fat in the trash! At this rate, I might as well smoke prime rib roasts!


I just found some real nice ones in the Ottawa area which is about 5 hours from us. This company delivers to our area for $30. They have 12 - 15 pounders for $75.00 each and they look like real nice cuts. I bought a couple and will smoke the first in a few weeks.


The prices you guys are quoting is just unheard of from my experience. Our local Walmart has to be one of the worst places to buy meat of any kind.

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Just picked up 3 more at Costco today!

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Just bought a packer at GFS for $2.49#. Going to check Costco maybe get a membership if it's got good prices on prime.
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Today at Costco $ 2.69/lb for the Prime Whole briskets.  Case price(5 pcs.) was $2.55/lb.  I went there to buy a case of them but they won't let you pic through them at the case price. It's take the un-opened box at that price. They only had one brisket out in the store case, so the meat lady brought out a case for me to look at as I wanted more than one. Out of the case I took two that looked really nice and the one from the meat case. The three I got were all around 15 lbs each. The other three in the case were not as nice IMHO.   I think it's worth the extra few cents a pound to be able to see what your getting.

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Picked up several choice packers at Wally World yesterday. 1.97 lb
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Any updates from Ga. heading down on Monday Thanks


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Costco in Wichita $2.79 form prime packer cut. I was sweating it out. They had zero up until today. I'd been looking since late last week. Sam's east today only had 3 flats. I was thinking my smoking plans for this weekend would have to change.  They had about a dozen to choose from. I picked up 3. 11-13 lbs. Someday I'll actually get a clue on how to choose them. I've watched videos. I've read. Maybe I do pick wisely it just feels like I don't. Marbling, fat cap. Flexibility. Thinness. It's hard when they're in the vac packing.

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Currently in the Houma Louisiana area at rouses and Canatas it's about $2 and some change per pound for packers. And 79¢/pound for a 10 lb box of spare ribs. Gonna buy a box of ribs and a packer for Memorial. Looking to feed about 10-12 people lol
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Sams Club in Marietta Ga. $2.48 a pound


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