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YYC Smoker

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I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. After traveling down into some of the southern states, I got hooked on smoking. I bbq here every month of the year, but this will be my first winter that I get to try smoking here as well. I have two smokers, a Masterbuilt electric smoker which I use most of the time. I also have a Little Chief smoker, more suited for cold smoking than anything else and is fine for fish. I have smoked quite a few different meats and cuts now. Interestingly enough, while available, briskest are not a common cut here, but I will try that out in due course as well.
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Welcome to SMF, from YEG!



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Welcome from SC, I'm sure you will enjoy this great site. I hope you will enjoy your new addiction. Be sure to post some pics of your cooks.
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Welcome fellow calgarian! When you are ready for brisket suggest contacting Brant lake Waygu. Reasonably priced and a good cut. I think they arare still at the farmers market on Macleod
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