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Up to my shoulders with butts

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Well here it first go at pork shoulder in my pellet smoker. 12+ lbs of it.


Using a Hawaiian style rub that incorporates green tea, brown sugar, kosher salt and blakck pepper. The green tea adds some earthiness similar to banana leaves wrapped around a whole hog roast.


Boneless pork butts are rubbed, wrapped and in the fridge for 24 hrs


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Green tea, huh? I never thought of that, though I drink it all the time.

Let us know how it turns out!


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Put the meat in the smoker out of the fridge at 6:00 to bring up to temp.  In the smoker at 7:00 am.  Smoke at 160 deg. for 3 hours using Perfect Mix pellets and had Smoke Daddy going with mesquite.

At 3 hours cranked temp up to 275 deg.  Smaller butt reached 160 at 4.5 hrs.  Cover/sealed pan with foil.  Larger butt still has some time to go to reach 160


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Took both butts to around 212 deg.  Kept covered and rested for about 45 min.  Meat out of the pan, pulled and fat removed.  Juice strained and separated.

Flavor is fantastic! 


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Nice.............Thumbs Up               Great job     :points:



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Wow. Great cook. Nice color.
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Beautiful color in that PP.  




Never would have thought of green tea as a rub ingredient. Interesting.  Does it impart any tea flavor or just the earthiness you mentioned?  Reason I ask is that earthiness would be nice, but I hate tea.



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And the plated sandwich...fresh pretzel roll bun.  Ask my wife if she wanted any bbq sauce and her reply was "no way".  Pork nachos on the menu later on this weekend.


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Looks great! Can't wait for some of the nacho's as well! May I suggest if you need to use more up potato skins are great with some PP!
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And finally the nachos.


a little homemade bbq sauce added to the smoked pork, top with a giardiniera and cheddar cheese.  I've use jalapeños instead of the giardiniera.  Neighbor said better than any nachos he's ever had. 

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Great q view! Thank you! I did some similar nachos last week with some PP and loved it! Thank you for sharing!
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