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cheese in summer sausage

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I'm wondering what kind of cheese most of you use in your summer sausage? I know you can get high temp cheese. Is that the best to use? LEM sells it. How does theirs rate as far as taste and such. Thanks for your help
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JB5, I use high temp and lately its been from Amazon ,put out by Jims cheese pantry. Works well and tastes good.

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Man there are some great flavors out there,,, I like the lava Jack for some heat I get mine from Butcher Packer, comes vac packed and fast on the shipping. 


Other places you can get it is: The sausage Maker, PS Seasonings, Mitchlich, Eldons, 


Check them all out cause there are different flavors out there that some carry and some don't. 




Yummy - good luck and let us know. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I second (third?) the use of the high temp.  I like the fact that it retains its shape and color after smoking or cooking.


As for flavor, WOW!  LOTS of them out there.  For SS, I use cheddar or pepper jack, but again, lots to choose from.


I get mine from butcher-packer or sausage maker.  Both are good quality providers.  


I've tried many things with LEM on them, and the only items I've been happy with were the hardware items, stuffer, lugs, mixers, etc...  I haven't found any of the casings, cheese, or mixes that I like from a quality standpoint.  But, that's just been my experience, others may have had better luck.

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Thanks for thanks for the info everyone.
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