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Homemade salt cures

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   I have pure sodium nitrite and would like to use it but it seems pretty sketchy.  I was wondering if anyone would know how to make a premix cure out of the sodium nitrite.  I have 4 oz exactly and would like to make a prague powder #1 with it or an insta cure.  Does anyone have any information on this?  Thanks

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Add 60oz of salt to the nitrite.
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 I would be concerned with keeping the Salt and Nitrite mixed.  Cure #1 is formulated to be 6.25%,  so to be accurate you need 60 Ounces of Fine Salt like Pickling Salt. Cure #1 is also formulated to stay mixed and consistent. Be careful and store well away from you supply of Salt for cooking. Without the Pink color, the two could be confused by another family member. Mix well before each use...JJ


Edited for old guy math error...:icon_redface:

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Chef Jimmy,

4oz of nitrite with 64oz of salt will yield a mix of 5.88%.
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Oooppps. You are right...I will fix it. Good thing there is more than person watching peoples backs...JJ

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Can I ask how you know that.  I would like to know how to figure that out.  Thanks

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Originally Posted by SonofCarl31 View Post

Can I ask how you know that.  I would like to know how to figure that out.  Thanks

Add the salt (60 oz) to the nitrite (4oz), that equals 64 ounces. Your starting number was 60, you added 4 ounces to that, an increase of 4.

Divide the increase (4), by the new total (64), and then multiply the result by 100. You then have the percentage of the addition.

4+60= 64

4/64= .0625

.0625*100= 6.25%
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Awesome! Thanks a lot. I want to cure my own ham for Christmas dinner. Any brine recipes would be appreciated.
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Pops Brine is a popular one...  I like 1/2C Morton Kosher ( FineTable/Pickling Salt will be Saltier. Diamond Crystal will be slightly less salty.)  I use only 1Cup Brown Sugar no White. The choice is yours as to Sweetness and Salinity, these are just my preference. You will want to inject, especially around the bone, and then soak in the remaining brine...JJ


Read this for more detail...

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