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Oven dried tomatoes

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Many of you probably already know this technique, but doing tomatoes like this is a good way to use up the residual heat in an outdoor wood fired oven.


Roma tomatoes were halved and then liberally sprinkled with basil (or Italian seasoning), and then into the oven after the pizza party is over.  Left them overnight, and as the oven cooled, the tomatoes are transformed into delicious treats that you can eat like fruit leather - sweet and chewy - we were going to use these as an ingredient in main dishes, but they were so good the two of us ate every one of them. :drool


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They look good and would enhance a variety of sauces...IF you could keep your hands off! :biggrin: A catering company I worked for made them with just Brown Sugar and a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar. Talk about Candy! There would be several racks of them in the walk-in, I was weak and could not go in without snatching one or two...JJ 

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Balsamic vinegar... now I know how I'm going to dress them next time - great idea Thumbs Up

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