WSM in Michigan

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I did 2 spatchcock chickens in the WSM last weekend. Exterior temp was 50 degrees, a bit windy. With all my vents open all the way, I couldnt hit 275 at the top rack. I need a simple method for insulating the WSM now that our weather has turned. Is the welding blancket the way to go? If so, any suggestions via Amazon? How do you hold the blanket to the WSM (tie down straps?)??

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Sounds like wind was probably more of your problem that the ambient temp. 


The welders blanket works well.  Just buy some inexpensive spring clamps to hold the blanket ends together.


A radiant heat barrier works well too (not sure about holding up in the wind though)

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Yup.... the wind is what gets you. You can buy a welding blanket and some big spring clips, that combo works well for both extra insulation and wind break. Take a piece of rope or string and wrap it around your WSM, then measure the amount you needed to wrap around your WSM and add about a foot to it. Then find a welding blanket that is at least that big or a little bigger.


The welding blanket I have for my 22.5" WSM is 6 ft. x 8 ft., mine is a fiberglass one so when it was new I did have to wear long sleeves or wash my arms off when I used it. But since I never mess with it when I have the lid off of my WSM I never have any issues of it getting into the food. If you look you can find non-fiberglass welding blankets as well, but I think the cost about 2x as much (roughly). I think I spent about $45 for mine.


When you wrap it make sure to arrange to top in a way that you are not blocking the exhaust vent. You can run probe wires in between the spring clips, and to pull the lid just remove the top clips or to add wood to the charcoal pile remove the bottom clips.