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Lack of smoke

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Good morning, i made a smoker and was really looking forward to our home made jerky. The smoker i made i have made before also using an electric hotplate. I am achieving the desired temp of 95 to 110 degrees in the smoke chamber but the wood chips are not producing visible smoke. After 12 hours the chips are just dark colored. I know that if I'm getting those temps where the meat is then the hotplate should be hot enough to produce burned chips. Any ideas?
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Probably lack of oxygen. Do you have an ability to adjust oxygen to your chamber? Other thoughts I've read about is microwaving chips to reduce moisture content or building a mailbox mod to start your chips on fire with open flame then blowing out to ember (cigar like) for TBS. good luck!
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There is plenty of air flow through the chip basin but you could be right about a pre burn but still not sure why the heat is not transferring through the pan to the chips
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There you go.... Todd, a member here, makes and sells that stuff.... He has sales off and on... Check the home pages for a sale flyer....
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