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Philly cheese butt

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Because we did a rather large pork butt a while ago, we had plenty of pulled meat left - what to do ... what to do...


We settled on our variation of a Philly cheese steak, substituting the pork for the beef, most other things being the same

The pulled pork was roughly chopped and seasoned with Bad Byron's butt rub, then heated on flat iron.  The heating meat was topped with slices of white American cheese, which melted, and was folded into the pork.


A generous portion of the meat and cheese was loaded into a hoagie roll and topped with caramelized onion.


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Looks great! Have to file thus one away for reference next time I have some leftover pork.
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Looks good to me.... I'd eat it..... probably 2......
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I'm with Dave! Looks great!!
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Looks incredible! I have done it with leftover brisket but never pulled pork. Definitely going to try that! Great idea! points!!!
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Looks delicious...good idea for leftover pp!  Thumbs Up



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Thanks gents; your comments are most kind!

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Great use of pulled pork! Kudos and points.



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That's a great idea.  Looks delish.



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Very good,PZ ! Good use of your Q !

Have fun , and . . .
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Looks good from here - nice job 



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You guys sure know how to make a member feel welcome!  thumb1%20copy.gif

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