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Competition Meat

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I have been competing for a little while now and most of the time I get the two pack of butts, ribs from BJ's wholesale, and USDA choice  briskets from a local chain restaurant. I have experimented with wagyu from SRF and oh man was it good. I really could tell a difference. I havent been able to find CAB briskets in Jacksonville, FL. Anyone know where to get them. The Smok'n Flamingo is next weekend and trying to get everything prepared. Also, a while back a butcher told me all boston butts are frozen at some point. For those of you that have been around the meat game for a while is that true? 

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Can't help on the Brisket but ALL butts? No Sir...The big packers like Tyson's IBP division offer both fresh and frozen Pork products and super chill, 28°F, fresh pork to extend shelf life during transportation. But it is not all frozen at -20°F. Not to mention the hundreds of home town butchers that slaughter 100 or so pigs a week for distribution to restaurants and farmers markets...JJ

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