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Got it! Thanks. I tend to agree with you. I've only done a couple of batches so far but in both cases I thought the texture at 30% weight loss was too soft for my liking. I think I might do what you did.

How much of an issue is case hardening at these low humidities? Correct me if I'm wrong but I would think its not that big a deal for smaller diameter sausages
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This sausage was dried at higher humidity than what I normally get. Most of the time I air dry in low humidity. I do get some case hardening but never had a problem with the inside of the sausage/meat not getting dried.
And you are correct. For this casing size case hardening is of little concern.
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Must have missed this in all the excitement last year. How did you like this recipe? Got a nice little bambi in the freezer that I was thinking of making into some of this this weekend.

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Was delicious. I plan to make it again in the new year.

Please note this was made with pork and beef, not deer.
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I'm sure it will be good with fresh venison as well, I'll post up once it gets under way.

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Of course it will. Just making sure things are clear.
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