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Salami Cacciatore

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Len Poli's e recipe. Two weeks of drying. About 45% loss.

Smells like true charcuterie.

No strings attached
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Eeewww...It's all MOLDY! :biggrin:  Looks great...JJ

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atomicsmoke they look wonderful!  Where would you find Len Poli's recipes?

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Originally Posted by Bentley View Post

atomicsmoke they look wonderful!  Where would you find Len Poli's recipes?
First link returned by a "len poli recipes" Google search is his site. Not trying to be a smart a$$ but I am not sure about the forum rules on posting external links.
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those look amazing!

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icon14.gif . Very good looking sausage.....
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Thank you fellows.

I tasted it after 2 day fridge rest (to allow moisture to even out). I am not great at putting papillary sensations into words.

It smells and tastes close to what I had in charcuterie shops. Meaning great. Didn't wash the mold. I like the mushroomy whiff it adds.

Definitely a treat for me-although this is supposed to be simple snack meat-for hunters. Well, let me tell you, those hunters were a lucky bunch.
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Dang, that sure is a Qview - looks great!

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Nice work! I'd be a happy hunter with that in my day pack!

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Great looking snausages



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Very nice! Someday......I might get to this level of artistry!
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Hello Atomic Smoke, you have motivated me. I want to try and make this, it looks fantastic.


I have a couple of questions for you. 


1. The recipe discusses some very specific R/H's. How did you maintain a level of 90% in the 85degree smoker?

2. How did you maintain a R/H of 75% during the drying?


Your help is very much appreciated.

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I used tsp-x culture, fermented in the oven (off) at 24C for 48h. Had a pan with water under the sausage. I am sure the humidity was high enough - the sausages were still wet after 48h.

I dried them in my cold cellar. I had a humidifier running on and off.
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Thanks for the details, that's perfect. Do you know what temp your cold cellar sits at? I have a similar area, and it would be so good if it can be used!

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And, one last question, where do I find the x culture?

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I bought it from Butcher packer. But a lot of sausage making suppliers are selling it. There are actually better cultures out there...I just had this one on hand.
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My cold cellar is this time of the year at around 15C.
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Hi atomicsmoke


i plan on trying this recipe (scaled to about 10 kg) this week but my question is: why did you dry it all the way to 45% weight loss when the recipe calls for 30%. does it have to do with the amount of water you used to dissolve the culture? The packet usually suggests using about half a cup if i'm not mistaken.

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Just personal choice (the 45%). I kept squeezing the sausages in the last days of drying and like the firmness once it got to 45%. You might like 30%.

I calculate the weight loss of the meat only (water taken out of the equation).
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