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My First official Smoke! (Sirloin Tip Roast - With Pictures!)

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Here are some photos of my first official smoker cook!


Meat:                         3.5lb Sirloin tip Roast

WSM Temp:              235f

Cook Time:               3hrs

Internal Meat Temp: 143 f



Starting up the Weber Chimney for the first time... Fingers Crossed!


Coals beginning to glow after only 5 min...


Coals after about 10-12min - man this thing works fast!


A slight discrepancy between the two Weber thermometers... likely due to the difference in location.


Corner of the Deck Set-up.


Salt and Pepper layer done the night before...


45min later I added the spice layer (paprika, garlic, onion, chilli, cayenne, mustard powder and a couple more I think)


The meat when it first went in the smoker - that is hickory smoke you see.


This picture is taken about 2.5 hours in... Internal temp was 135 at the time.


The final product!  (Please note - I finished early so I wrapped it in tinfoil, wrapped the tin-foil in a now delicious smelling towel, put that towel in a roasting pan, and put the pan in a cooler - Talk about overkill! - it 'rested' like that for about 90min before we cut it up)



Thanks for following along everyone!  It turned out really well!  The Hickory flavor worked in nicely, and the meat was very juicy.


I have already picked up another one!  (Price Matched it and got a 4.5 lb roast for 15$ (original price 35$))


Any questions or tips just let me know!

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Looks tasty, nice smoke! For more smoke flavor try running your WSM @ 180°-200°.


Here's a good thing to make with any beef roast:


I like to substitute a good stout or porter for the wine.

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Nice job on your first smoke, sirloin tip is an underrated cut IMO.


+1 for Smokey Au Jus!

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Nice points.gif
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Great job 




A fulls smoker is a happy smoker



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Nice job. I really love a sirloin tip. points.gif
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Looks tasty,keep up the great work on smoke and your victims prices!
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