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2nd batch of Bacon (Lots of pics)

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Since the first batch of bacon I mad is now done (it was 25 lbs) i thought it was time for another batch. The first time I made it I used POPS Brine. It came out great!


For the second batch I thought I would try the dry cure method. So I followed Bears "Bacon Extra Smoky" method. How can you go wrong with Bears instructions?

Weighed and measured Tender Quick Once rubbed brown sugar was added per instructions.

This is 20 lbs (two bellies)



So after the necessary cure time (8 days) sliced in half to check cure.


Fry Test (just right)



Into the smoker it goes with Maple pellets.


Last time I did this I sliced it all by hand. This took a while and my slices were not real consistent so I bought myself a new toy today.




I will smoke today from 4 pm till about 11 pm at a temp of 100° with maple pellets. I will let it rest overnight and maybe do the a few more hours tomorrow,


Thanks for looking! I will post some finished/sliced photos later.



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Video of the smoke coming out.

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Watching. Cant go wrong with following Bear. icon14.gif
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It's a bacony time of year! Should be tasty!
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Will Be Watching  :pepsi:  :popcorn


Keep On Smokin,



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Here it is after 10 hours of smoke (maple)

Now I will let it rest and try out the new slicer on Thursday.



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Looks great, will still be watching  :popcorn




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OK, All done. As expected Bears instructions were dead on. This batch is better than the first try. We all like how the bacon came out with the dry cure better than the wet cure. Not sure why but the taste is awesome.


So, followed Bears instructions, Smoked for almost 10 hours with maple pellets (half a tube of apple), let it rest for two days and sliced. If I haven't said it already Oh My God, what a difference it makes to have a slicer!


Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did.


18 lbs packaged 1 lb for dinner and 1 lb of pieces in the freezer for what ever I need.


Any comments or tips are welcomed.


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Really need to get my hands on some pork belly (among other things).


Looks terrific... :drool



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Beautiful Bacon Bro.





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Wow! awesome job on the bacon. That really came out great.



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Thanks guys, I created a monster at home though. My wife will not buy bacon from the store anymore so I have to make sure not to run out. Luckily I have two more bellies in the freezer just waiting.



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That is some nice looking Bacon. Thanks for the pics.



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that  some good looking bacon  points1.png


Slicing up all the BBB and meat loafs tomorrow myself 


Keep on Smokin,



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Looks great but I do have one comment???? Why is it not sent to me yet?? Did you loose my address or what ?? 


Nice job,,,



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Sorry DS I must have misplaced the address somewhere. Maybe next time.



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Sorry to take so long to find this, Link!!!


And Thanks to Driedstick for bumping it up, or I still wouldn't have found it !!


Looks Awesome, Link!!!:drool--------------:points:


Now you Stuck real good !!Thumbs Up


I'm glad you like it !Thumbs Up



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