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Cleaning racks for your smoker.

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I have been spraying my racks with Pam before I put them in the smoker to help with the cleaning. But when done still have a heck of a job getting the racks clean. Does anyone have any ideas other than what I am already doing as to how to keep the racks clean?
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What type of meats are you smoking?   I always use PAM on the grates of my smokers which causes no sticking and much easier cleaning.  But I mainly smoke fish, so that might have an impact.   What type of smoker are you using?

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I take my to the car wash, hit it with degreaser then rinse with the high pressure.



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I use Pam also on everything that I smoke. But never thought about the power washer. I will give it a try this weekend. Am going to try some tilapia fillets and then some jerky so my racks should be pretty dirty by then. Thanks.
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I use pam but ever since I got my frog mats or A maze n "Q" mats them are the best since sliced bread 



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I just scrub mine and knock the big crud off and leave the rest of the seasoning on there.

With that said once a year I give them a good soak and scrub. I fill a large tub with hot water vinegar and dawn soap. Let soak for a good hour. Scrub with Brillo pad and rinse. They will shine.
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I rinse them then toss them in the dish washer on high heat -heavy duty and they com out squeaky clean



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I smoke everything. Mainly chicken and pork but do jerky brisket, fish and anything else the kids bring me to smoke. It is just that I like to keep my racks nice and clean and leave the rest of the smoker seasoned.
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You could always put them in your oven on cleaning cycle, maybe once every six months or so.

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Not real often, but when I need to really clean my smoker grates, I spray them down with Easy-Off, place them into a plastic bag, but the bag in the sun for a few hours, and then take them to the car wash.


Nasty business, but works pretty well.


Most of the time, I do as Dirt Sailor, wire brush the big stuff, and leave the seasoning...

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