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9.5lb pork shoulder

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Rubbed last night with rub some butt and bone suckin rub. Threw it on my smoker at 250* at 7:45am.

I've been slinging concrete all week and have been looking forward to tending my smoker the whole time.

I hope you enjoy the Sunday q-view!
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Yep.... Grab your popcorn it looks like it's gonna be a fight! Just started raining about 10 minutes ago.
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3 hours in!
I'm using pecan pellets in my amazin tray..... I forgot to add that detail. Pecan has become one of my favorites.
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So the only trouble I've had so far was I filled my amznt too high and it jumped lanes on me and started producing too much smoke. I handled that and have moved on again to tbs. it is hard to get going I think because of the added moisture from the rain... But once it gets going it's pretty steady.
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5 hours in.

Staying real steady at 275*, I thought this was going to be more of a battle to keep temp but it's not at all. The rain stopped so that's good.

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Getting there!
I mopped it with a 50/50 mix of bone suckin sauce and red wine vinegar... Getting a nice glaze!

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Ok..... Here it is guys! Pulled and ready to eat. 10 minutes till dinner!

Turned out to be no battle at all.
Thanks for checking in on my q-view guys!

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I'm gonna be late save me a plate!
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Originally Posted by b-one View Post

I'm gonna be late save me a plate!
Here you go!

I reserved some of the cheese sauce I used for the Mac n cheese and used it on the pulled pork sandwich.

Oh my! It was the best one I've done to date!

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Nice smoke xcoachx!  Thanks for taking us along with your cook!  points1.png



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Nice looking plate........................:drool


Great job........:points:



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Nailed it!

Nice color...    :points:

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The last pic made my mouth water, well done.

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