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First time ribs with Q-view

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So I tried smoking some ribs today for the first time. It was also the longest smoke at 6 hours using the 3-2-1 method. It went surprisingly well :)

Here are the ribs with some bbq sauce on, they were left in the fridge overnight.

Also the first time I smoked anything in the bad rain.

After the first 3 hours all is looking good and still holding a good temperature of 225F.

Now I wrapped the ribs in foil and put some butter, bbq and hot sauce in with them.

After the 2 hours in the foil, I took them out of the foil and put them in for 1 last hour and then they were done.

Sorry picture a bit blurry here as was too busy eating them to check :/

Next time I will be cooking 2 or 3 racks as they are so good to eat :)

Any tips?

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Hello.  Looks good.  Glad it turn out GREAT for you.  Keep Smokin!


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Great looking ribs. It is good to get the first success under your belt. Thumbs Up

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No tips needed, looks like you nailed it👍☔️🍻
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Real text book stuff - that's the way to do it - I'm still around Danny and wade btw !!!!


thanks to Wade's advice I batch smoke several at a time and freeze them - still got 2 or 3 still in the freezer


Well done !

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Thanks all :) I loved smoking them.
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Well done, going to get some babybacks on the go myself !

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....any online stockists for this ? Cant find anywhere that are selling them !

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Liked the use of wet "rub" as opposed to dry - may try that

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Great looking ribs, keep it up

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