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My new mod....Lawn cart from Harbor Freight, welded 1/8" x 2" flat steel stock onto the cart to mount the smoker on. shelf is just 2x4s and a off size hunk of plywood all bolted together painted with leftover paint from making corn hole boards and some rustoleum matte black spray paint on the cart. Going to be adding some shelves on the sides, and I am scanning craigslist for a beach umbrella to mount on the left side by using a hole saw to cut a hole in the shelves and make a mount on the cart to help block the sun in the summer, and keep rain and snow off of it ...


Bought a lawn cart from Harbor Freight with one of their AWESOME 25% off coupons... all the other stuff is in the description if you check my pictures the shelf is great, adds a little height to the smoker which i like.


Myagentcam .. I use the Maverick ET-733 .. I have 2 of them picked them from amazon


the gloves are a nice "freebie". I also got a set of bear claws with the other thermometer they too are a nice freebie. You cant go wrong with a good thermometer. NEVER>> NEVER>>> NEVER trust the decorative thermometer on the door... in fact.. now that I say that.. I may very well just pull mine off and replace it with a nut and bolt.... mine is WAY off.. anywhere from like 20 - 50 degrees i have noticed.


Either way... welcome to the show.. there is a TON of great advice here and the people are very nice and willing to help. I personally have found that each time I smoke.. I learn something new either from trial and error.. or from this very group. if you have not done so.. stop by the roll call thread and introduce yourself....

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How did this work out for you?  I just bought one for myself!

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Originally Posted by kegtoe View Post

The needle valve install.

I had an extra couple of needle valves in my home brew parts. bought a couple of fittings from Menards and I am all set.

Thank you for posting pics of your needle valve set. It is more clear than anything else I have been able to find, but I am not unsure of the specs for each item. What are the sizes of the flared tube fittings and the needle valve? Is it the same flared tube fitting on each side? What is the 4th piece on the left side? Are they all connected with plumbing tape? Thank You!!


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Glad i cold help. Looks like a flared coupling, that's a guess. I think these are all 1/4" parts. Typically I just take a part in to Menards and use it to make sure I buy the right sizes for any other fittings I need. Don't use tape on flared fitting, just the NPT threads.


I have to caution you. Propane is obviously very flammable. BE CAEFULL. If you aren't familiar with plumbing techniques get some help from a buddy who is. You could always have them over for some great smoked food, and ask that he check your setup out in return.

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