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The hunt for good LA smoke continues

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Hi everyone, I'd just like to introduce myself and extend a big thank you to everyone in the community for your constant commitment to ensuring that good smoke is being spread far and wide.  I've been a follower of your site for a little while, have taken some good advise thats out there and hope to now get a little more involved with the community and share some smoking experiences as they come.


I've been a big fan of BBQ all my life, have traveled extensively, and often plan trips just to try out the local flavors.  I grew up loving it with close family in Asheville NC, San Antonio TX, and St. Louis, MO.  I now live in LA and I'm still on the hunt for a good spot.  I havnt exactly given up on the search, although I've taken it upon myself to make some good eats the best I can in my own backyard.


I picked up a Masterbuilt 30, 2-door propane smoker and have been breaking it in over the past few months.  I've got a big cook this weekend for family and friends (80 people) and I'll be putting it (and myself) to the true test with 2 9lb Picnics, 2 8lb bone-in butts, 8 racks of st. louis ribs, and a big pack of links.  It's a potluck so there will be more food to go around when guests arrive.


Anyway, hope to keep in touch!



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SmokeyChicken, welcome to SMF!  It sounds like you have found the best BBQ in LA.........your own!  Have fun with the smoke and the timing. Should all work out fine.

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Thanks Noboundaries, rubbing down the picnics and butts tonight and firing up the smoker at the crack of dawn tomorrow!

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Just pulled off one of the two picnics @ 200 (as it was a little smaller than the others).  The others are about to follow suit.  Heres a recap of the prep













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The smoke was a huge success, had to post the photos:


Friday 4AM: both picnics and butts go in the Masterbuilt Propane 30", 225 Degrees




Friday 10AM: Temp hits a consistent stall at 156 for 20 minutes so I open er up and wrap em

















Friday 12:30PM: The first trays of beans go in




Friday 6:20PM: The small picnic hits 200 so he comes out and into the blanket/cooler


Friday 6:40PM: The rest follow suit, I pull them out and keep them wrapped.


Friday 7:50PM: Time to pull












Friday 8:30PM The wife and I feast on the pulled pork and beans and wrap the rest for the guests the next day



Friday 9PM: Get the ribs ready to be rubbed



Saturday 10AM: Ribs are ready to go on, Masterbuilt primed at 225








Saturday 1PM: Pull em out and wrap em, then back in

Saturday 2:30PM:  They're good to go just as my hungry guests walk in the door




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That's quite the load. Looks like it all turned out :drool


I'd say you've broken that smoker in now.. :points:

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:drool:That's it, I'm hungry!

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