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Turkey Bacon

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I am planning on making my first turkey bacon in the next few days.


Jenni-O 85/15 ground turkey in a tube.

Appropriate amount of Con Yeagers Quick Cure salts. (Sodium Nitrite, Salt, Sugar) Similar to Tender Quick without the Sodium Nitrate.

A little white pepper (My wife's not a big pepper fan)

Maybe a little water (chicken stock if I have some open) do disolve the cure.


Mix it all up, form and then let sit overnight.


My questions comes about cold smoking.  I will hot smoke the loaf to 160°f (I need to double check that #).  Should I cold smoke it first, like regular bacon? Or will hot smoking really slow like summer sausage give it enough smoke?  I may seperate into 2 pieces and try both ways.


What are everyone's thoughts and experiences.




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You can cold smoke the bacon, freeze and cook prior to eating...
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Or you can make Real Canadian Turkey Bacon.


Like This:




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Didn't turn out well.


3 lb tube of 85/15 Jenni-O ground turkey

Con Yeagers Quick Cure Salt

3/4 cup of water


Dissolve cure salt in water.

Poured over meat in my Kitchen Aid Mixer with Paddle attachment

Mixed on low for a couple minutes.


Lined a mini sheet pan with plastic wrap.

POURED the almost emulsified blob into the pan.

Wrapped up with plastic wrap and into the fridge overnight (turned into 2 days)


The loaf was too soft to put onto smoker racks so I had to put it onto a pizza pan that fits into my smoker.

Smoked over apple like Summer sausage.  A FEW HOURS AT 110°, then raising the temp about 10° every hour.  Stopping at 180° until internal temp reached 165°.


It is a little dry, crumbly.  I need to slice about 3/8" thick to get it to stay as a slice.  I think I can use it up in scrambled eggs for jambalaya so it won't go to waste.


The Turkey was ground super fine.  I didn't think this would be a problem because store bought seems to be emulsified like a hot dog.  Maybe it was a problem.


I used the water at 1/4 cup per lb to 1) dissolve and distribute cure more evenly, 2) to help prevent shrinkage.  I think this may have been a mistake and loosened the mix up too much.  Will try next batch without it.


A guess is that it didn't have enough fat in it.  I may try mixing in some ground pork to up both the fat content and the flavor a little.


I guess I should go read up on Bear's beef loafs before I continue my journey

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