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sfprankster's (mis)adventures with a New Toy - Vacmaster 350

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Been wanting/needing a vacuum sealer for a while. The last Foodsaver died long ago and was never replaced. This vacuum sealer will be used primarily at home and also some usage for my business. I just kept putting off making the purchase, due to some unknown reason. I believe I convinced myself, it was because of the storage/operating space required. :icon_redface:



Since I have the habit of filling my WSM to the brim every time I smoke, this vacuum sealer will make my smoking methods more viable for longer term storage.


For my business, this will allow me to store some of the overstock of fruits, nuts, etc I receive from the local farms during harvest season. This will allow me the opportunity to make chocolates during the off season, from peak of the season harvested fruits, nuts,etc.



VacMaster 350 Pro




The original shipping box came to us a little on the beat up side. This where UPS confirmed they have once again, earned the nickname "OOOOOOPS!!!". :icon_eek: I wasn't sure what shape the contents would be in considering the outside of the box. The only fragile/this side up sticker was hidden in a wad of tape, so it must have not been seen or noticed at any time  during the transit or delivery of the box. 






Some relief of the apprehension upon opening the box, to find an abundance of little air pillows, to help soften the drops and missed catches during shipment. :confused:








First peek at the Vacmaster 350. :cool:






...came with an assortment of different sized bags...




Setup and Use:

Simple plug 'n play design 241.png

Stainless steel construction

Rubber covered buttons




The UI contains 8 buttons that are well labeled and easily identifiable


  Top row:

    LED display shows vacuum pressure/seal time

    Seal time settings


    Pulse- for softer/smashable items

    Accessory-comes with hose for use with canisters-not included


  Bottom row:

    Marinate time-**see below

    Variable vacuum settings-3 settings for vacuum

    Start-vacuum and seal

    Seal-manual seal

    Stop-manual stop of vacuum process


**No need to read the stinkin' instructions... :cool:




Couple of practice runs... 


...chicken quarters...












I've had the Vacmaster 350 for a few weeks and no issues to date. Maybe sealed close to 50-60 bags so far. :icon_mrgreen:

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Sweet. I have the vac master 140. Love it.
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So far so good!!!


It works much better than any of the Foodsavers I've had in the past.






Watch out RD, I'm heading your way soon for supplies... :eek: 

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This is funny.
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It is now... :rolleyes:









Wasn't when it arrived in that condition... :wife: 

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I finally got the chance to run my VacMaster 350 through its paces today. With several lbs of pulled pork, pork roast and coffee beans, I was able to experiment with some of the vacuum and sealer settings to find a happy medium.


Initially, the seal setting was set for too long of a time period. This made some of the seals inconsistent/melted through and some of the packages leaked air back inside. I ended up lowering the seal time and this made the seal much more stable and consistent. The same went for the vacuum setting. If what you are sealing is dense and firm, you can set the VacMaster to its highest vacuum setting. If what you sealing is soft and pliable, I recommend using a lower vacuum settings. This is where the pulse function works as well. With the right number of pulses, I am able to seal wet/moist items.



This is very early into my experience with the VacMaster 350. So far, I would recommend this as a higher end home use vacuum sealer.





As soon as I use up the bags that came with the sealer, I'm going to order the rolls to cut costs.





Pro Tip: Keep the area of the bag to be sealed clean!!! Any oils, debris or food will create a hot spot in the seal and failure is very likely. 

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