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I've smoked literally thousands of pounds of beef and pork the last 20 years.....only smoked one turkey over 12 years ago. I'm a rancher....don't eat much feathers. Wife entered me in a church turkey cookoff. Got my turkey, it has been injected with a brine solution acording to the package. Should I brine it or just inject? Was going to use creole butter injection if i inject. Will brining make it too mealy??? Going to smoke Thurs. Advice needed!!!
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First, I'm not competing, I'm eating. 


I've brined pre-injected turkeys before.  I only use about half the salt I normally do or it ends up tasting too salty.  The brine I use is to add the other flavors to the meat (OJ or apple juice and seasonings) without overpowering the flavor of the turkey.  12-24 hours maximum in the brine. 


I do prefer to inject my brine into the breast even on pre-injected turkeys.  Creole butter would be good.  Just lower the salt amount would be my suggestion. 

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Id brine it with the flavors you want it to have then season under the skin with rub before smoking
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If you inject it as planned with the creole butter injection, you won't need to brine. It will be plenty juicy enough. Do it the night prior to smoking. I would suggest a Cajun rub. A little under the skin and plenty in the cavity and outer skin. It will be awesome!


Here's a link to 5 I did recently.

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Good info , you can make your plann with confidence . The only thing I can add is to say , be patient ,
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