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KettleMetal's South NJ Deals & Steals

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Hello all,


I plan to keep this thread updated with any deals/sales I run into in the South NJ area on meats, grill supplies, related craigslist stuff, etc. Feel free to contribute!


First up, Shop Rite has some decent sales this week (11/1/15-11/07/15) Find your circular at I'm interested in these:


Pork Spare Ribs - $2.49 per lb

Boneless NY Strip Steak - $5.99 per lb


Acme is typically overpriced, though deals pop up from time to time and I do pass through to look for manager's specials. Circulars at 10/30/15-11/5/15:


Lancaster Brand U.S.D.A. CHOICE Beef Boneless Shoulder or Chuck Roast - $3.99 per lb

Fresh Store Packaged Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - $1.79 per lb


Thriftway/Shop N Bag at, 10/30/15-11/5/15:


Perdue Oven Stuffer Roasters - $.77 per lb with additional $15 purchase

Boneless Chicken Thighs - $1.28 per lb


Nothing amazing on craigslist at the moment, one of possible interest:


$400 Medium BGE in Berlin, NJ -


Also a couple weber kettles, cheapo smokers, etc.

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I'll be grabbing some of the chicken sales this week, but we generally buy that at Wegmans. Their standard prices often beat the sales elsewhere:


Chicken Thighs (Bone In, Skin On) Family Pack - $.99 per lb

Boneless Chicken Breasts Family Pack (with rib meat) - $1.99 per lb


Pork Boston Butts are almost always $1.49 per lb there, though it seemed to be $1.29 last week. Not the greatest prices, but steady, and other markets can be higher outside of sales.


I never buy beef there. The prices are high and never go on sale.

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Thanks for posting. Wegman's is always better than what I have seen in Shop-Rite, ACME and Stop-n-Shop on Butts the last several months. Lookin' for the $1.99 Spare Ribs S-n-S ran the week before July 4th. I got 4 racks, should have got more...JJ

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I was planning to update this thread every Sunday or so, but I'm going to change it up a bit. First, there isn't always a noteable sale, and second, I imagine most of you are watching the ads anyway. So, I'll only be posting when I see what I consider to be a very good deal, or a great craigslist find.


Shop Rite has some OK stuff right now, not too crazy:


Boneless Chuck Roast - $3.84 LB


Acme is a joke this week. High sale prices, and their weird "buy one get one" non-deals.


Thriftway/Shop N Bag isn't much better. They do have one:


Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts - $1.77 LB


That said, my local Thriftway is a bit iffy. I grabbed the boneless thighs last week and they didn't seem to be the freshest. The store is always dead, I don't really know how they stay in business.


My Shop N Bag on the other hand is always busy, and has some interesting stuff and unusual cuts as they cater to a local hispanic population.

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That Chuck is a good price. I need to get some, Thanks...JJ

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I'm thinking about it! Will see how they look and what we want to have this week. Freezer space is an issue here, so I can't go too crazy.


What I'm watching for is Acme to run a special on Lancaster Brand fresh steaks in the case. Last Nov or Dec they had gorgeous NY Strips for $5.99 a lb, about 1.5-2" thick. I walked up and said "I'll take all of them please." OK, there were only 5 in the case, but still, felt pretty awesome to say that.

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I'm not sure if this is state-wide, but Whole Foods in Cherry Hill has air-chilled chicken wings on sale for $1.99 a lb. Not exactly the deal of a lifetime, but not the worst either especially for the quality. Drums and flats only, so there's no waste either.

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Hi All Was in my Shoprite/Paramus today to pick up some spares, thought I'll also do some wings..then I saw the price of the wings $3.99 lb.

Full spares $2.68 lb.


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