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Mid-West Mamma!!

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Hello from the Midwest...Iowa. Momma of 3, just started smoking this past year. Have a Master Built Sportsman Elite. Mixed up my second batch of andouille yesterday and put it on early this am. Wasn't sure about temp this.... Started low (130) for a couple of hours and then turned it up to 175. Tootle-loo!!
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welcome glad to see you found the site. I usually start my sausage as low as I can and bump it up 10 degrees an hour until my smoker temp is around 170


Post up some pictures, we love pictures here

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Turned out great!!! Made some fish gumbo with it. Will try your way with the next batch. Thanks
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Looks good
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 Welcome to the forum, MM. That is some great looking sausage. I would love to have had some of that for the gumbo I just made.



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Wow MM. That was some entrance to the forum. Great looking sausage.

Welcome to the forum
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Welcome from SC, Mamma. It's good to have you on this great site.
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