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Maverick vs MES temps

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Ok I have my new maverick and tested and it shows 210 in boiling water which is right for my elevation. I've smoked with my MES 40 BT probably 20 times just using the smokers built in thermometer. But now I fired up the smoker and the smoker temp is 45 degrees lower than the Maverick temps. So when the smoker reads 220 the Mavericks are reading 265. So should I start going by the Mavs or just continue to smoke with the MES temp.
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I would trust the Maverick temps, especially that you have checked it. Most smokers are not accurate with their thermometers and I haven't seen anyone complain about Maverick probes.

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I agree. Since you've calibrated the Maverick trust it over the MES controller temp display. I don't know if the GenĀ 2.5 models are more accurate than the Gen 1 or Gen 2 models. What I do know is that, from personal experience, my ET-733 is highly accurate.

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