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Baby back ribs!!

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Hey y'all, how's it going. My wife and I are gunna have date night tonight.
So I'm gunna smoke baby back ribs for the first timev using the 2-2-1 method.
I'm going to use the "snake" or "fuse" method. I'm planning on mixing apple chunks and hickory chunks.
My one question. Since I'll only be actually smoking for 2 hours, should I put enough wood to smoke for about two hours?
I'll have coal enough for about six hours, just how much wood should I use?
Thanks. Josh.
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You don't need to use wood during the wrapped period, but don't worry about it.  Just bury a chunk in your snake about every 6" and put a piece on top about every 6", alternating so there's only about 3" between the wood chunks in or on the snake. 

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So here's how it went.

Here, I made up a snake, with hickory and apple wood chunks mixed.
I lit 12 briquettes (I think I'll start 24 next time).

I did baby backs. I used Stubbs BBQ rub, it was pretty good.

I also made Bacon Bombs, man them things are good.

After two hours uncovered, they had a nice bark forming. I wrapped em up, and put them back on for another two hours.

After being wrapped two hours I pulled off the ribs and unwrapped them. I mopped some BBQ sauce and put them on for the last hour.

I thought the whole thing went well. The grill danced around a little, but stayed right around 225. I was pleased over all. The ribs were nice and tender and most. The smoke seemed just right, the mix of hickory and apple gave a nice smoky flavor.
This was the first time I've used the Weber, and the first time smoking ribs.
Over all, i was really pleased.
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Looks like you nailed it for the first time. thumb1%20copy.gif


Great smoke. :points: 

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