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doing a turkey breast today

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put a 9 pound turkey breast in the smokerthis morning.I'm using cherry from a tree in the in the backyard,and just a touch of maple.I haven't tried cherry with turkey breast yet,interested to see how it'll turn out.

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I'll be hanging. Around to see how it turns out. I love cherry wood with pork, but, like you, never tried it with turkey. I'll bet its good!
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well it was either add more charcoal, or finish it off in the oven. it was it at 159 degrees so I just finished it in the oven. looks pretty good so far.

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Looks good so far,,,,yummy:drool great color so far 



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It came out fantastic! Really moist nice mild smoke flavor! I'm a new convert to cherry!

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Nice !!  Looks really good  points1.png



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Nice job ! Try Ribs with Cherry , yummo ! ! !
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Yep, you nailed that breast! Good job!
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 Fine looking chunk of poultry.



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That looks great!  I will be trying a turkey breast this week, and cherry may be the way to go, thanks!

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Looks great.  I have been using cherry wood all summer, "had" 2 cherry trees in my yard.  Gonna try a turkey breast for thanksgiving.

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