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Smoked Bourbon Pig Candy w/ Q View

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I received an a e-mail yesterday form SMF(Jeff) with a recipe for Pig Candy.  It looked delicious and I gave it a whirl. I adjusted the ingredients a little bit.   I started with 1LB bacon in the smoker for 45 min @ 250 deg w/ apple wood smoke. Then I mixed in a bowl 1/2 cup dark brown sugar, 1/2 cup canadian whiskey, 1/2 cup Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning  1/4 cup syrup, 3 TBLSP honey.  After the bacon had been in the smoker for 45 minutes, I brushed the glaze on the top side of the bacon and flipped it to brush the other side. Another 30 min in the smoker and did the glaze on both sides again. Now, 30 minutes more in the smoker  at 250 deg. Raised the temp to 300 deg for 10 minutes to get a little more crisp. Removed from smoker and put final product on wax paper right away to cool. Final results =  Delicious - Wonderful - Out of this world.   This is going to be a repeat.  A little messy in the smoker even with a pan to catch the drippings.      


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That does look good!
For presentation!
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Looks great! Just curious as to how much mess cooking the bacon in the smoker is/was. Really want to try this recipe.
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I had a pan with some water in it to catch the drippings but it still had some glaze and drippings that missed the pan. Plus, I pulled the grate out to brush the glaze and some dripped on the deck. The pig candy is worth the clean up. 

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This was so good that im doing another pound of bacon tonite before a total cleanup.  I will post more Q- View of the second batch. Does anybody know if I can vacuum seal and freeze this stuff if i have leftovers ?? I'll give it a try.  If you could sell this stuff it would outsell jerky !!  Thanks Jeff w/ SMF for the idea. 

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BD46, looks scrumptious! :points:

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Hey Brother! Do you think it matters if you use thick or thin cut bacon?  Is this real icky sweet or is it sort of just salty sweet?

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better w/ thick bacon - spicy - sweet --  I will send you a sample -  i have some vacuum sealed and frozen.  THIS IS GOOD STUFF !!!! 

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Your pictures are awesome! and helpful.  I will try this and compare when I get your sample.  I bet this is really messy.  Do you put the pan with water on the bottom shelf and lay the bacon on top shelf.  Can you have multiple shelves of the bacon or will it drip too much on a second layer?

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I had to do a second batch - More Q-View - Everybody on this forum needs to try this - Thanks again Jeff (SMF) for this idea.

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That does look good.  Going to have to try both the original recipe and yours.



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