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New to smoking.

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Hi all my name is David and I am new to this site and new to smoking. I don't have a smoker yet but plan on building a fridge smoker as my first smoker.

I was intially going to buy a smoking-it model 3 but I stumbled across a fridge converted into a smoker and I knew that's what I needed to have as my smoker.

I figured if I am going to have a smoker it should be something that is going to last me a long time, and have adequate space to smoke what I want. I have been researching all I can about smokers and such but now I am ready to step up and build what I need and start making some good q.
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Welcome and good luck with that fridge smoker.  Post some pics during the build process.  



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Welcome to the site David.  I am signed on for pic's of your smoker build also.  :popcorn

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Welcome aboard, I'll be waiting on pic when you finish, good luck and happy smoking!

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Welcome from SC, David. I'm sure you will enjoy this great site.
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Thanks everyone. I been reading a lot for awhile now. Actually going to buy a fridge tomorrow to get started on my build and hopefully have it up and running soon.
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Hey guys so I drove 100 miles to grab my fridge today so I decided on the GM fridge. Since it seemed to be in good condition and minor rust on the legs. So hopefully will start to tear apart tomorrow.

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Sweet!!  Looks like a good start to me.  Thumbs Up

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