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cleaning smokers

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Hey fellas
I have a custom offset smoker. Had it now for bout seven years. Inside seems to be flaking a little. Looks like a mix of sut, grease, (maybe some high heat paint too?). Was wondering best way to clean the pit out. Was gonna hit it with a pressure washer, try to towel dry it best I could then re-season it by burning some oak for a couple hrs. Good idea? Should I put high heat paint inside? Sounds weird to do so.
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you could hit it with a bit of vinegar (white would be best in my eyes) give a bit of a scrub to knock off the loose bits then dry really well then season it thats about all i would put into cleaning the inside of my smoker and i would not use paint of any kind on the inside

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Thanks Collins!
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no problem

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When you re-season it with the oak, I'd also spray the interior down with Pam or wipe it down with a veggie oil after it's warm and then do a good hot burn to set the season.

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Thanks Cranky!
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x2, jcollins for cleaning

x2, CrankyBuzzard for re-seasoning

Good Luck, Joe
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