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New Smoker in Denver, CO area

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I am receiving a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 30" generation 1 with window and remote for my 40th birthday, it is in the mail. Prior to choosing that smoker I did a ton of research reading reviews and reading these forums. I was originally going to get a gen 2 without the window but the site i was getting it from was sold out and to take advantage of a 30% off discount went for the one I got.


I live in the Denver area but am originally from Kansas City so I know what BBQ is supposed to be like and have been unable to find anything comparable in Colorado. I decided smoking it myself and preparing it the way I like is probably going to be the best bet.


For now I will be using the smoker stock wise but in the future plan to add the mailbox mod with the AMNPS to help keep more smoke without having to baby sit it so much.


If anyone in the Colorado area knows where to find pellets for smoking at a retail location it would be much appreciated. In the future I may buy them from AMAZEN but for now just want to buy them locally.


I'm going with pellets as the Masterbuilt customer service recommends pellets over chips for a better smoke. 


I smoked a turkey once on a bullet shaped cheapo smoker a long time ago. It smoked for 8 hours but could not get to temp so finished it off in the oven but it had a great smoke flavor. 


I like my ribs dry rubbed marinated then smoked with BBQ sauce. I do not like having to add BBQ sauce after they are done.


I think my first smoke will be spatched chickens and will trash the skin after the cook. 


Thank you for this great community, looking forward to smoking with you all. 

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Welcome to the site.  Thumbs Up  Congratulations on your new smoker and happy birthday.


I look forward to seeing some of your smoke projects.

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It's always nice when you get to pick out your own gift! :welcome1:

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