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Smoking my first brisket

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Hi, I'm going to smoke my first brisket this weekend. I'm looking for best woods to use, I have cherry and getting some pecan tomorrow. I also have access to oak. Just looking for some opinions. Thanks
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I use hickory for all my smokes.  Cherry and pecan sound good!  Never used oak but I'll bet that would work too.  Not much help, but good luck on your brisket.  I'll be smoking one also this weekend.  Keep us posted during the cook, I'll be watching.



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Oak is what they use in Central Texas.


Pecan is popular in east Texas, and Oklahoma. 


I use Hickory and hardwood lump charcoal made form Oak. 


Pecan is a subspecies of Hickory, btw. 


I think you will be fine using Pecan. Might burn a little fast so have some Oak on hand is you want a slower burn. 

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